Coffee Bar

I have to admit, I am a coffee snob.  Worst yet, my daughter has become one as well.  Ugh, how I have failed!

Since I have my “one appliance on the countertop” rule, once my husband begged me to let him put his convection oven on the countertop, I knew I had to do something with my coffee pots.  Yes, plural.  I use two.  I use our Bunn for morning coffee, and during the day I use my Keurig Vue.  I love BOTH of them.

I found a great looking wall shelf on Houzz and was so happy to see that it was sold by Hobby Lobby.  I was lucky enough to catch it on sale so I bought two of them.  One for our home and one for the lake. So here is my coffee bar, which is in our dining area (open to the kitchen).