Many Changes

It’s been a really long time since I’ve posted. I’ve completed so many projects and yet haven’t shared them. Time, some laziness in the beginning and a major change in our lives.

Three years ago we moved a mere 30 minutes from where we were living, to a quaint little town. We had stumbled on this house and knew right away it needed to be ours. An 1898 Victorian home with all the character and charm I had only dreamed of. I love this house and I love the people in this little town.


Everything was still in it’s original form. We couldn’t believe that over those 120 years, nobody had painted any of the beautiful wood. The only thing I had to work on was the kitchen. It was a challenging space, but I made it work.


Our oldest child, Todd, 39 years old, has lived with us and did so much of the work on this beautiful house. He lived on the 3rd floor. I loved him living with us. He filled our home with life. We truly were best friends.

But things changed. Last summer Todd lost his life in a car accident. 7 months later and I still can’t fathom that this has really happened to me. To us as a family. Living without my boy is a pain like no other.

I couldn’t stay in that house. Every inch of it screamed Todd to me, to us. Without Todd there, we had no other family other than our friends. So, after much thought we moved to Lexington, KY to be near our amazing daughter and boy oh boy are we blessed, son in law. They wanted us close, and we wanted to be close. It was bittersweet. I long for our grand home, but I know we did the right thing and everyone here has been so welcoming and kind and for that I thank God.

So we went from that house and that kitchen, to this….


Uh….not exactly my style I might say and those that know me and know my blog know, yikes!

This isn’t a blog about the grieving process, something I have had to, unfortunately, endure. This is a blog about decorating and home improvement.
So the next post which I promise to complete this weekend….the kitchen…..



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