Enclosed Patio Refresh

It finally got warm enough the last couple of weeks for me to tackle our screened in patio project.    The patio had really gotten out of hand the last couple of years.  It was pretty and useful as you may have seen on one of my original posts to this blog and then a big dog came into our lives.  He didn’t necessarily ruin the patio, but since it’s the only means of getting out in the yard, the mud on paws, then those paws laying on the furniture when I didn’t see him and, well, I gave up. I tossed the patio set and it sat for an entire year with nothing on it. It has always made me sad, I loved that patio.

This is how it was looking for way too long.  We had put these garage flooring plastic things down to try and cut down on some of the mud and, well, all kinds of shit that this dog was so lovingly wanting to bring into the house with him.  Well FORGET THAT.  So these pictures are when I was almost finished pulling those things up.  Look at that dirt and disgust!

Once I got it all swept and vacuumed, here it is again…


To make a long story short because, well, who really wants to see pictures of the “stages” of cleanup….

Here’s the final result!



We went ahead and got a wireless satellite box, so were able to put a tv out here as well. It’s turned out that we use it a lot.


Have so enjoyed being out here. I’m working now on the backyard and all the flowers and vegetables I’ve been growing. Too fun!