Kitchen Decisions

As my last post ended, we had bought a house in Lexington, KY. It’s cute and although we moved kicking and screaming in a sense, it’s a nice place. But this is what the kitchen looked like:


Yikes is all I can say!

I knew I wanted something very different and something bold. This is the finished product 2 months later….

I started my plan to tear out all the upper cabinets, much to my husband’s chagrin. He was not happy! Sorry, dear, we’re doing it.

After the uppers were gone, we ripped out the countertops. I was so nervous about going to a design center to talk about nice countertops. A little intimidated, actually. Well, that was silliness because it was a breeze. The day we visited the place, I picked out my choice of material and the slab. They scheduled the measuring for a week later and 6 days after the measure, the countertops were installed! I couldn’t believe how easy and quick the entire process would be.

I chose Marble for my countertops. I went in with the intention of finding the perfect Quartz. I knew I didn’t want granite. The patterns just aren’t something I am interested in. They are too busy for me. I want all the movement in my kitchen to be on the walls.

Although I found a bunch of quartz slabs that I loved, gosh, the price was a lot more than i had hoped. That’s why I started looking at the marble slabs. The entire bill for the countertops and single basin sink came to $2,300. Not bad!

I had done some research on Marble since we have all heard the horror stories about the etching and staining that marble is subject to on a daily basis, but it was worth the risk to me. I am truly not disappointed. I love it! The only thing I wish I had thought about was to get honed instead of shiny. Otherwise, it’s been wonderful. I’m just am careful with spills, getting any kind of lemon or lime juice on it. Otherwise, it’s no different than being careful with any type of countertop.

Okay, so that’s the lowdown on my countertop. Here’s how I did the brick backsplash.