Backsplash Using Ceiling Tiles


Our house was new when we bought it.  It had high end finishes throughout the house.  Except the kitchen!  The builder didn’t put any backsplash on the walls and also didn’t put a lip on our rather large island.  That seemed odd to me, no lip so you aren’t able to put a stool there?  Well, I fixed both issues!  ha ha

I honestly didn’t feel that I would be very good at hanging tile and it seemed so permanent to me, so I decided to use ceiling tiles.  I found a place online that had so many different finishes to choose from.  But for me, the DIY was what I wanted.  So I ordered 15 unfinished tin tiles in silver.   They were only $10.00 each so shoot, I didn’t feel I had much to lose if I ended up not liking it.

I tried several different finishes on one of the tiles, as a guinea pig, and decided that I really just liked the one that I spray painted white and then sanded the edges of it.

I didn’t continue it behind our sink.  I like it the way it is, on the wall behind the oven.  The wall only took 6 tiles, so I have quite a bit still left.

I only put nails in the four corners of each tin.  Another good feeling, because I know if I want to change it, I haven’t wrecked the wall, not to mention that I seem to change things really often!

This is the way the tiles looked when I received them.


Here is a broader picture of the kitchen and how they look now: