Appliance Garage or in my words Hide that Hideous Toaster

The “rule” is only one appliance on kitchen countertops.  I love that idea and it’s the way I like things, no clutter filled countertops.

My husband was not happy when I started to put his toaster in the cabinet.  Nope, not happenin’.  I searched and searched for a way I could hide the dang thing.  The roll down appliance garages are cool, but it just wasn’t going to look good in my kitchen.

So I happened on this from Hobby Lobby (at 50% off, it was about $15.00):


I actually bought two of them.  I got ’em home and started to hollow them out.  I took all the drawers out and just stapled the drawer fronts back on.  I didn’t care what the inside of them looked like.  So here is the one that covers the toaster!


Here you can see a better view of the way they look in the kitchen.