Painted Drapes

Awhile ago, during one of my bored days (I seem to have a LOT of those!), I thought hmmm….maybe I’ll paint something on the bottom of the white drapes up at the lake house. 

I hope you all aren’t sick of hearing about “the lake house”.  It needs so damned much, and has become my baby, of sorts.  But there are days that I think “eh, I’m SICK of that POS Lake House!”.

Anyway, back to the point here.

These were boring:Image

What I needed for this quick and easy project was:

Tape.  I like regular masking tape and I liked the thick width so I could actually use the tape as one of my “rows”.

Acrylic Paint.  As many colors as stripes you’d like.

Fabric Medium.  Mix this with each paint color so your fabric won’t be stiff.

I brought them home and lined them out.  The biggest worry, of course, was making certain that the stripes would be even on each panel.   I ended up not using a tape measure for fear that even a centimeter would easily show, so I used a box!  Actually, a box of blank checks.  The next I used the width of the tape.


After I taped off my stripes, the first coat of the first color:


Then the last stripe


Pull off the tape and voila!


I apologize for the quality of the above photo, I took it with my iPad and also I had the drapes bunched up while we were working on the deck, so they’re wrinkled!