Office and Guest Room Combination Or “Hide all the stuff for your home business”


When our daughter graduated college and moved back home to continue school, our guest room became my office. Making window decals sometimes entails rolls of vinyl all over the place.  i had really let it get awful.  We had no place for guests to sleep on their occasional visits, so I decided to reclaim it as a spare room.  But what to do with my vinyl cutter (quite large) and my computer, etc.?   In the closet!  It’s been perfect.  At the end of working, I tuck the chair in and close the doors.  The cutter is to the right of the window and yes, it can’t be hidden, but otherwise, the room looks inviting and

ImageImageI stole the headboard idea from my niece, Kristen.  When I first saw their guest room with one, I thought it
was the coolest idea, So…..$22 and a can of spraypaint and we have a headboard!  Thank you Kristen
and Nick!  This is a queen size bed so it would work very well for a king sized bed.


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