Our Lake House….the Good, the Bad and the OMG, Ugly!

When we first went to see this house, our realtor told me that they smoked in their house.  Well, I must admit, as ashamed as I truly am, I smoke.  However, I never have smoked in our home.  So I didn’t think much of it.   I figured I didn’t smell it because I smoke.   It wasn’t until after closing, when we walked into the house, that it knocked me over.  Just unbelievable.  It was awful.  Dripping from EVERYWHERE.  Here are pictures.

Now think about it, how in the world THAT much nicotine got into the cabinets???  I know it seeps in of course, but OH MY GOODNESS!  Look at the cutlery tray!!

2013-02-15 17.41.23 2013-02-15 20.58.44 disgusting2-2013

My husband was furious.  He really hadn’t wanted to purchase a second home, and this really wasn’t helping my plight.  I kept assuring him that with a little painting, I’d get it all fixed up.

Our daughter, Dave and myself had made plans to “camp out” there that night.  I was really excited!  I had so wanted a little home on a lake.  He complained all night that the smell was preventing him from sleeping and I really couldn’t argue.  But I kept defending this sweet house, “this house NEEDS us, Dave”.

The next morning I went to pull up the disgusting carpet, only to find this:


The crack went from the dining area into one of the bedrooms.  How in the hell did this happen, we had an inspection done??  Dave had us packed up and on the way home within minutes, while he called the realtor.  And then a lawyer.  Nope, nothing.  Not a thing that could be done.  Did they know about the crack?  Eh, I like to think the better of people, but when you walked on it even with the carpet down, you could tell something was under there.  I figured they had cable wire or something under there.  So a call to a foundation repair company was made.

Within the next two months, we found out we had termites (yup, had a termite inspection done as well but there was snow on the ground….) then had to completely have the exterior plumbing.  All of this to the tune of $4,000.   The one question we DON’T ask around here is “what’s next?”!

Needless to say, Dave has been up there maybe four times in the last 10 months of owning the house.  It makes me sad, but I’m determined to create this house into a home.





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